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How long will the chauffeur wait for me?
How long will the chauffeur wait for me?
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Every booking comes with a set amount of waiting time, depending on where you're being picked up. Additional wait time, while not guaranteed, may also be available upon request. Waiting time begins at your scheduled pickup time.

Wait time at a street address

For a standard pickup (i.e. from a hotel or home address), your chauffeur will wait for 30 minutes before leaving the pickup point. The first 15 minutes are complimentary, and you will only be charged for the remaining 15 minutes. If you know ahead of time you may be delayed, we recommend reaching out to us via chat so that we can find a workaround for you. 

Wait time at the airport

Airport and long-distance train station pickups come with one hour of complimentary wait time before the chauffeur will leave the pickup location, e.g. if you schedule your airport pickup for 10 AM, your chauffeur will wait until 11 AM free of charge.

By providing your flight or train number when booking, your chauffeur will be able to track your arrival time and adjust your pickup time for any delays and early arrivals (where possible). If there is a very long delay and the chauffeur is unable to wait, we will contact you to work out an alternative solution.

Wait time at a stop

The complimentary wait time for your booking only applies to waiting at pickup. Any wait time accrued at a requested stop mid-way on your journey is charged at a per-minute rate, which varies from city to city. More information on requesting a stop can be found here.

Wait time with by-the-hour rides

When you book an hourly ride, you're booking a duration -- so there isn't any wait time. Your booking begins at the selected pickup time and ends at the end of the duration.

If during your ride you find that you need more time, you can always ask your chauffeur if they are available to extend. Any additional time is charged in 30 minute increments, at the same rate as your booking.

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