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How should I choose the pickup time at airports?
How should I choose the pickup time at airports?
Updated over a week ago

Are you traveling domestically or internationally?

To accommodate unexpected delays, all airport pickups come with an hour of complimentary wait time. Plus, if you provide your flight or train details when booking, we will track your arrival time and adjust your pickup time accordingly where possible.

If you are travelling internationally, we recommend scheduling a gap between your flight arrival and your pickup time - also known as a "buffer time".

Wait times for immigration and customs can vary depending on where you are coming from. For example, airport line wait times are longer in the U.S. than the U.K. Whether you are traveling with hand luggage (bag / bags) or checked baggage can also make a difference. Guests travelling with checked luggage may consider factoring in any potential delays in baggage claim when choosing a buffer time.

For most international arrivals, we recommend a buffer time of one hour.

For example, if your flight is expected to arrive at 10:00 AM, consider scheduling your pickup for 11:00 AM. This way, if you are delayed with customs or luggage, your chauffeur will wait for you until at least noon.

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