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Why can't I make changes to my ride? What should I do?
Why can't I make changes to my ride? What should I do?
Updated over a week ago

The editing flow through our platforms should be a seamless and convenient experience, but occasionally you may encounter an issue where the changes cannot go through. The main reasons for this issue could be:

  • the pickup time is in less than 60 minutes

  • deleted payment method

  • technical issues

If you have a Complimentary ride with Emirates or Silversea, please note the following,

  • Emirates: To change your ride, please contact the airline first through this link. Blacklane will then receive a notification and action the change.

  • Silversea: If you wish to make any changes to your ride, you can do so from the "rides" section in your Blacklane account.

The pickup time is in less than 60 minutes

As a first step, please make sure that your ride is still within the editing / free cancellation window.

When can changes be made?

  • up to 60 minutes before the pickup time.

Tip: If your pickup time is in less than 60 minutes, that means you already have the contact details of your chauffeur. Feel free to contact them directly with the change request.

Please keep in mind that:

  • our chauffeurs will always do their best to accommodate last minute changes but these are not guaranteed.

  • spontaneous changes in destination or additional stops may incur additional charges for one-way transfers, as may exceeding the distance included with a by-the-hour rides.

Deleted payment method

In case your ride is still within the editing window, it is possible that the problem lies in a deleted payment method. If the payment method used for the booking has been removed, you will no longer be able to make any changes to that booking.

Tip: In such a situation, you will need to cancel the existing booking and create a new one using the correct payment method.

Pre-authorization is being blocked by your bank

If you haven't deleted your payment method, it's possible that your bank is blocking the pre-authorization charge. When you place a booking, our system temporarily reserves the funds on your card, with what's known as a pre-authorization charge. If your bank blocks this pre-authorization, the system will often return an error message.

Tip: In these situations, you will need to contact your bank as a first step to confirm that it's an authorized use of your card.

Technical issues

Occasionally, technical issues can arise on our platforms resulting in temporary disruptions in our system. These glitches may be caused by software updates, server maintenance, or other unforeseen factors.

Tip: Make sure you are using Google Chrome as our website runs smoother with this browser. Try refreshing the booking page or clearing your browser cache and cookies. If the problem persists, wait for some time and try again.

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