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Which ride type is right for me?
Which ride type is right for me?
Updated over a week ago

You can choose from several ride types, depending on your specific needs. Each is best suited for a different kind of journey.

One way

One way is your standard A-to-B transfer. This is the best option for a simple one-off journey. You can add a stop along the way if needed, but by-the-hour may be a better fit if you need to stop more than once.

  • simple and straightforward

  • add a stop if needed

By the hour

By the hour bookings allow you to reserve a chauffeur for 2 hours or more. The added flexibility of an on-call chauffeur means you can go wherever you need within the duration. These services come with a set amount of included distance in your quote, so they are best suited for trips within the city.

By the hour is also a good choice if you are going to an event and aren't sure when it will end. Book a comfortable duration so that you can take your time, with a chauffeur waiting for you.

  • offer the most flexibility

  • provide an itinerary up-front, or decide as you go

  • limited distance included (20 km per hour booked)

City to City

Blacklane’s City to City rides offer a comfortable alternative to flights or trains, with fixed pricing for many routes. A complete list of routes is available here.

  • comfortable, private alternative to flights or trains

  • fixed pricing for many routes

  • make stops along the way as needed

Chauffeur Hailing

Chauffeur hailing is a combination of a traditional car service and modern ride-hailing. Chauffeur hailing is currently available in:

United States: New York City

United Arab Emirates: Dubai

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