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Does Blacklane offer round trip bookings?
Does Blacklane offer round trip bookings?
Updated over a week ago

Our system does not allow for the creation of round-trip bookings, i.e. two trips (there and back) in a single booking. Instead, if you require a round-trip service, you can book it in one of a few ways:

Separate one-way bookings

To book round-trip, you can simply book the initial journey and the return as two separate one way bookings. The system will often prompt you to book your return after placing the first booking.

Should you need anything specific to help accommodate the round trip service, those details can be entered into the "Special Requests".

By the hour

Booking by the hour is another good option if you need a 'there and back' service. Booking by the hour allows you to travel to your destination, attend to your business while the chauffeur waits on call and return whenever you are ready.

Please keep in mind that by-the-hour bookings include a limited amount of complimentary kilometers/miles. Guests who need to cover a large distance may consider 2 separate one-way bookings instead.

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