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I think my credit card was charged twice for one ride. What should I do?
I think my credit card was charged twice for one ride. What should I do?
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When you make a booking, Blacklane reserves the funds on your credit card with a pre-authorization. While your card is not charged at this point, some banks show these pre-authorizations the same way they show charges. We will not actually charge your card up until 24-48 hours after the ride is taken.

You should see one of these preauthorization charges when you place your booking, and a new one to replace it around 72 hours before your pickup. Whenever a new preauthorization is submitted, the old one is immediately voided.

If you see multiple items on your statement for the same booking, it could be for one of a few reasons:

The old preauthorization hasn’t disappeared yet

  • When we submit a new preauthorization on our end, we immediately reverse the previous one on our end.

  • Depending on your bank, it can take longer for this change to be reflected on your statement. For most banks, a voided preauthorization will disappear after about 5 days.

You’ve edited a ride

  • Have you made any edits to the major booking details (pickup time, date, addresses, vehicle class)? These are treated by our system as a new booking, meaning they generate a new price & a new preauthorization as well.

  • You may temporarily see two preauthorizations for the same service if you book a ride and edit it soon after.

Multiple bookings

  • To rule out duplicate bookings, it’s always a good idea to check the upcoming bookings on your blacklane account.

  • If you mistakenly have two bookings for the same date, you should have received two separate confirmation emails.

Many of these questions would be best answered by your bank. However, please reach out to our Customer Care team if you believe you have been double-charged in error.

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