The fastest and easiest way to place, edit, or cancel your bookings at anytime is with our website or smartphone app. You can make changes to your booking up until 60 minutes before the pickup time for one-way rides, and up until 24 hours before a booking by the hour or for rides over 200 km.

Keep in mind, we automatically track your flight arrivals and adjust your pickup time to ensure your chauffeur is waiting for you when you arrive, so there is no need to change you pickup time in response to a flight delay.

For one-way transfers, cancellation is free of charge up until one hour before the pickup time. If there is one hour or less left before the pickup time, the total price must be paid. For hourly bookings and rides over 200 km, cancellation is free of charge if there are more than 24 hours left before the agreed pickup time. If there are 24 hours or less before the agreed pickup time, the total price must be paid.

Please note that, starting July 1st 2022, any requests for Blacklane to place or edit a booking via phone, chat or email might result in an additional service fee being applied.

A cancellation can only be done by using the cancel feature in our apps or website. It is not possible to cancel by phone or email.

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