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What should I do if I forgot to add my flight number?
What should I do if I forgot to add my flight number?
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Adding a flight number to your booking allows your chauffeur to track your flight and automatically adjust the pickup time according to any delays or early arrivals.

To add your flight number:

Click on the “Rides” page and select the booking you would like to add a flight number to. Click on pen icon above the “Additional Options” section to add or edit your flight number.

If we notice you've neglected to add a flight number, we will attempt to reach you by phone or email. If we can't reach you, your chauffeur will always default to your selected pickup time.

Pickups at major train stations are treated the same way. You can enter your train number in the flight number field, or in the special requests section.

If you need to add these details at the last minute & are unable to edit your booking, please contact Customer Care. If you've already received your chauffeur's contact information, it's always a good idea to forward them the details as well.

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